2018 Season Achievements

April 06, 2018

  • ISR District event #1 - Semi-finalist and District Chairman’s Winner

  • ISR DIstrict event #3 - District Engineering Inspiration Winner and Captain of The Winning Alliance

  • ISR District Championship - Industrial Design Award and Quarter-finalist

2018 Robot - Mars

April 06, 2018

Robot Features and Abilities

  • 6WD with a center drop for stability and maneuverability

  • Easy to maintain drivetrain without the need for a tensioning mechanism

  • Two staged lift powered by a “2 CIM Ball Shifter” gearbox that reaches 2.4 meters (~7’8”)

  • 2 In 1 climbing mechanism using the lift’s motors

  • Passive deploying intake for STARTING CONFIGURATION

  • The Intake mechanism went through six iterations throughout the season and the districts to reach its final design

  • Compliant wheels hold the POWER CUBE tightly at the center of the robot for stability

  • Low center of mass

  • 2-cube SCALE autonomous​

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